Brenda Song‘s mom Mai has now revealed to Star Magazine: ‘She’s actually not pregnant. It’s very upsetting to our family because of what I’m going through and it’s not how we raised her. She’s very upset.’ So, it was all a publicity scam?

  • foreverthename

    I could really careless if its true or not and just a PR stunt but I would be ‘very’ upset as well.
    But I don’t see why it would be a PR stunt since neither Trace or Brenda are working on anything.No one really cares about them,it was only big news because its the Cyrus family.

  • thedarksunshine

    Why would she need publicity though…

  • CottonCandy

    It was just a rumor.. Some ppl took it seriously and beleieved it..

  • peacelovehearts

    Oh, how awkward….

  • CottonCandy

    dilemma said:
    next thing you know hilary duff isn’t pregnant either :P
    HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA :P! Thank u for making my day :P

  • CottonCandy

    Who would have thought of such a rumor to spread??

  • Belle

    When I read “Star magazine”, I didn’t even bother reading the rest of the actual post.

  • peacelovehearts

    Sep 14, 2011 @ 04:01 pm
    Belle said:
    When I read “Star magazine”, I didn’t even bother reading the rest of the actual post.
    MTE.. such bullshit..

  • kardashian

    um but trace and brenda confirmed it obviously the mom doesn’t know brenda that well if she thinks shes not having sex.

  • JelenaRocks

    Wow It Took Them That Long to Say She Was NOt Pregnat For Real Damn!!

  • oheyitsvictoria

    i think maybe she lost it and she doesnt wanna say she did…

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  • askashley

    Star is about as legit as Hollywood life and Perez put together! Get better sources OU!

  • AmandaXoX

    So, it was all a publicity scam?

    um no! Brenda Song isn’t one of those celebs to pull a stunt like that. Either she lost the baby, or somebody’s lieing here..

  • lov2shop123

    I hate star magazine!! Hate it! And I don’t buy it. I will believe it when I see that baby bump. End of story!

  • blabla

    wow what a legit source. I think this is a way too serious rumor to let it make a round for so long

  • stuckinthemiddle

    it’s not how we raised her, she’s very upset

    what??? She’s 23 and in a committed relationship. it’s not the end of the world if she’s pregnant. if she was 16 or 17, okay, i can see why you’d be upset. 23 is a perfectly acceptable age to have a child, married or not. get real.

  • realistgangsta

    i cant believe it

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    this doesnt mean sense…why does she all a sudden start hanging out with the cyrus clan after the rumors circle around the web thats shes preggo…

  • Oh SNAP

    LOL, ‘Star Magazine’? Must be legit then.


  • JoeHoe15

    FOR REAL???!!! O.o

  • demidemirox

    dammit…..i was looking forward to it!
    i hope this is all fake!

  • Selly G


  • Lilsay

    well thats a bit..

  • dilemma

    next thing you know hilary duff isn’t pregnant either :P

  • themilenator

    alaskfjekljejfaje WTF?
    oh wait Star magazine…..

  • biebzilla

    We’ll see when a couple months when she starts to show if Star magazine is a legit source or not. I don’t like Star, they always spread rumors -_-

  • Marycha
  • musicgirl2222

    I don’t know if this is true or not because I would have to hear about it on more than just one site.

  • PrettyYoungThing

    Well this is awkward…
    So much for “pregnant pedicures,” right OU?

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    What? O.o
    Star isn’t legitimate..

  • springstrawberry

    LOL of ALL the magazines in the world, why would Brenda’s mother talk to this one ?

  • ann932

    good for her…

  • Katie13

    Why did it take them this long to deny? :/

  • Beatiful.Dirty.Rich

    she would have denied it ages ago if she wasn’t

    and star isn’t exactly a legit source

  • sammieegirll11

    SHE NEVER SAID SHE WAS PREGNANT. NEVER. someone started the rumor and OU decided it was legit for whatever reason even though the site that “confirmed” her pregnancy had no sources or direct quotes from anyone. it was solely a RUMOR. so this article is TRUE.

  • SuckMyAnonDick

    Oh snap.

  • sahina91

    did they even announce that she was pregnant?

  • lindseynicholee

    I agree with,
    plus, what the hell; Even if she’s not doesn’t mean it was a publicity scan.
    She very easily could’ve thought she was. come on. Give her some credit.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    If it was false, her people would have denied it MUCH sooner. Or Trace or Miley would’ve on Twitter.
    And since when was Star considered Legit?

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    blabla said:
    wow what a legit source. I think this is a way too serious rumor to let it make a round for so long