Nicki Minaj NY Fashion Week Fabulous


Nicki Minaj jewelry shopping in New York City. Photos: WENN.

  • Marycha
  • korniszoon

    I LOVE HER JUST!!!!!!!!!

    & Here is a page with the latest gossip about Bieber. I give you the mobile site because I know how you like to laugh at Bieber:) How do you want to go as there is not, no one forces you do not :

  • JelenaRocks

    Nicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love HEr And I Love Her Style And Got to love the hair xD And I Love Her Song SUper Bass BTW I could rap it and Fly I Could Rap Her Part Too And Where Them GIrls At I COuld RAp Her PArt Too :D

  • xGottaLoveOU?

    oh my gosh her hair scared me!! :O
    lolololol!!! go nicki! go nicki! ;D

  • bluesfan

    I love her!!

  • themilenator

    WTH OU has never posted about her lol
    Bet it was just a way to bring INA here hehe

  • JaneaLynn

    What is with all of these women and their aversion to pants!? That’s a glorified swimsuit with leggings.

  • iamruth


  • Bella996

    ahhaha gotta love her hair :D

  • JJlover

    :| I… don’t know

  • BeautifulChaos


  • oceanUP


  • realistgangsta

    wtf she got on three different color cheetah prints on