Allisyn Ashley Arm @ TJ Martell Day


So Random star Allysn Ashley Arm @ T.J. Martell Foundation Family

Day at the CBS Studios Back Lot in Studio CIty, CA. PR Photos.

  • MileyLoveYou

    I’m not a hater but her face…..

  • I luv Zayn

    I’m not a hater but her face…..
    yeah r8 , i’m not a hater 2

  • MileyLoveYou

    if i said that Allisyn is ugly doesn’t mean i hate her -.-”

  • anons


  • MuffinsAreEvil

    Sweet shirt, bro

  • hockeylucy13


  • I luv Zayn

    her face !! LOL

  • mhmm .

    She’s got an adorable personality but she reminds me of a witch…. noh8 just sayin’.

  • BrokenArrow