Debby Ryan, ‘I Like Demi Lovato’s Stuff’


Debby Ryan told MTV: ‘I’ve listened to Unbroken a bit. Toby Gad with whom she produced ‘Skyscraper,’ he wrote that with Kerli. I like her stuff as well. They wrote it and produced it, and when they placed it with Demi, it was amazing, and it’s absolutely empowering and really, really strong.

The thing about Demi, she’s always able to show her vulnerability & her strength and her whole personality in her music and definitely her voyage, I think she’s in such a cool place of finding her sound and revamping her sound and working with amazing people.’ Photo Credit: HannaBeth.


  • demidemirox

    who wouldnt!?
    <33 U DEMS!

  • Kevi1999
  • xAskTaylorx


  • jesusofsuburbia

    Unbroken is alright, just not like as good at i was hoping

  • bluesfan

    I love Unbroken. it’s a lot better than I thought it would be

  • KellyScars

    i like fix a heart the most