Nick Jonas Collide New Song Sao Paolo

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  • Yesterday…

    I need him to record all these new songs. This one sounds amazing.

  • UKnowULuvMe

    The beat’s sort of reminds me of “Time After Time”.

  • ljs1202

    I just love him in a suit!

  • Grease

    HE’S HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! I really like this song!!!!

  • Grease

    Does anyone know the lyrics???

  • Miley RiRi

    please tell me the lyrics :(

  • kayisl0vex

    lol @ how every nick post is dead.

  • Kevi1999
  • DoubleClick

    I’m over him and his music, but I’m glad he’s staying true to himself and not going extremely commercial like Joe or Demi.

    It sounds Fall Out Boy-ish to me, like Patrick Stump’s new stuff (:

  • jemi_loverx3

    LOVE. IT.