My Dream To Meet Taylor Swift

Documentary ’13 Minutes for Taylor’. Thx Alex!

  • HeyMelissa13

    Ok.. Let me go buy 13 of her cd’s and give them to people.. Then have people tell her happy birthday.. then go to where she shot a music video.. Seems easy.

  • HeyMelissa13

    Oh and bake a cake..

  • Mikii122
  • brzsimone

    Your video is awesome, I am in tears! I am really happy for you, you worked hard and you absolutely deserve it. Don’t worry there is always bitter and jealous people. Besides who wouldn’t be jealous, you met TAYLOR SWIFT!!

  • emilykaytc

    that is so incredible! you must have put so much effort into that, you definitely deserved to have met her, i bet it was amazing i have to wait until march 2012 until she comes to Australia to see her!

  • HeyMelissa13

    If it was that easy to meet her everyone in America would do it.

  • AlexClark

    actually, this wasn’t easy. it took 5 months to film and edit it. and if it’s so easy to meet her I want to see you go and do it.

  • Mrtaylorswift

    I’m jealous and happy for you, I am in love w/ Taylor too, ur vid reminded me of when I got my tickets for the concert, and my cd, n my calendar lol

  • -inhalelove