Nick Jonas SOS Drums Rio De Janeiro

Thx @leticiapascoto! + Nelta in Curitiba. Miley isn’t following Nick anymore.

  • Mikii122
  • neelie

    Nice to see fans screaming for Nick somewhere. What the heck happened here in the US? And Nick always looks so healthy on stage. But when he’s just walking around out in public he always looks so hunched over. He looks like he’s kind of walking funny here. Maybe he’s tired.

  • paparazzigirl

    That us a amazing new version of SOS! I didn’t think it could get any better! :O

  • elizagutierrez

    Of course Miley is not following Nick anymore!! why?? because Miley don’t want to see Nick destroying his life with that cougar!! who is no good for him!!
    Miley cares for him! she wants the best for Nick and she knows that old Delta is not for him!!

  • elizagutierrez

    Delta is always behind Nick all the time, always after his butt!! why Delta are you afraid??? maybe he still thinking about someone else??/ maybe!!

  • Ijustneedyounow

    “miley isn’t following nick anymore”
    yup, that’s because he has delta to follow him around now ;D seriously she’s like glued to his ass rofl