Ashley Tisdale Toddler & Tiaras SKIT

Behind the scenes and announcement under!

  • themilenator


    is Ashley wearing a wig?

  • Kia

    Yeah she is .

  • Kia

    LMAOOOO !!

  • Kia

    Lol I agree .

  • jessica effect

    LOLOLOLOL omg. funnyordie was actually funny for once.

  • ILoveYoux3

    I love Ashley. So much. This made my day 10x better.

  • Selly G

    i love her soo much this just made my day.

  • GianellaA

    I loooooooooveee Ashley! Sh’es perfect!!! And for the first time, a funny or die video was funny

  • PeaceLoveGomez


  • Shadusiaczek

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