Allstar Weekend SHIRTLESS

From Micayla: @ Allstar Weekend’s CD release show last night at Chain Reaction in Anahiem! Chain Reaction is a small little club so we were super close to the stage. During When I get Paid, Zach pulled out some money and threw it into the crowd and I got two bucks from him. It was signed by the guys.

They sang their whole album ‘All The Way’ and a lot of old favorites from their first CD. They also covered Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night which was amazing! The crowd started chanting ‘Take it off! Take it Off!’ when Zach told us he was hot and he took off his shirt!

The right after he did, we got Cameron and Mikey to take their’s off too! So they sang a couple songs completely shirtless! Their management told them they weren’t allowed to take off their shirts but they did it anyway!

  • Milejoszka
  • lovemestealmeawayy

    they better come near me for there tour!! i need to see them live

  • bieberMporter

    oh jeez they are gorgeous. why can’t they just come to spain and make a show in my bedroom. they need to come to europe like now and promote all the way

  • lovemestealmeawayy


  • lovemestealmeawayy

    lol why didn’t there management want them to take their shirts off? personally you gotta please the fans..

  • kaygirl

    ZOMFGG. That last picture….


  • august

    @Lovemestealmeaway Exactly. need to please the fans :)

  • YouGoGlenCoco

    is this a sign that they’re going to do the shower tour?

  • DearTaylor