Victoria Justice Ashley Tisdale Footloose


Footloose premiere pictures. Photos: Fame, Juan Rico.

+ Victoria’s new doll!

  • antiplancha2

    super cute

  • bryandakota

    WOW! Victoria looks perfect! Love her!

  • fanboy

    she looks beautiful

  • Major

    Super cool this dress just looks really epic they look so good in this dress and the song is super super cool what they will do everything in the future will be epic, I love them <333

  • fashionista123

    Victoria looks incredible in the dress! I love the colors! I’m so happy she was in the footloose remake and sang a great song

  • maraki159

    Victoria’s outfit so simply stunning!
    Love how she’s always changing it up!
    and her cover to the song Almost Paradise is wonderful!

  • Sahizzle

    Victoria is absolutely stunning. Love her rendition of “Almost Paradise”

  • JillianxJ

    She looks great ^-^

  • arianasfairy

    She looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see Footloose. ?

  • TeamVictoriaNYC

    I absolutely love her cover of Almost Paradise and I think her dress is just fabulous.<}3

  • Jragon

    Love Victoria’s dress. It’s so unique! I can’t wait to watch the remake “Footloose” in theaters!

  • Godofwar153

    Wow Victoria Justice Did A Great Job On Almost Paradise With Hunter Hayes

  • Godofwar153

    Wow Victoria Justice Loooks Amazingly Awesome In That Pink Red And Black Dress I Also Like The Song Almost Paridise Cant Wait To Get It On Cd

  • xdiegox4

    Victoria’s singing in the movie is AMAZING and she looks stunning in that dress :)

  • ashxzx

    I can’t wait to see the movie! Her dress is amazing as always! :)

  • Didi

    Victoria i luv ur dress and u!

  • bertokills

    wow Victoria looks amazing!

  • vicalexis

    I like her dress here-it’s unique. She looks great no matter what.

  • necromancer15

    Beautiful photos :)

  • Obibok
  • Obibok
  • henskie

    Vic looks so gorgeous and her cover of Almost Paradise sounds awesome

  • missenalzi

    Victoria looks amazing! Her dress is so cute and unique. I love her fashion sense and how she loves to take risks.

  • ArturoVJusticeF

    Awesome I Love the complete Outfit! Victoria have the best sense of fashion in this World she shine so bright always! I Love the Dress!!!! aww P-E-R-F-E-C-T <3 !

  • dawn4ever

    i think that its great she’s in the remkae and the dress is so fabulous(: wish i have one like that.

  • friendlyzombiehi

    Victoria looks so beautiful, as always! I love the dress! Can’t wait to see the movie! ;)

  • summ3rjammx3

    lovee her.

  • ACC

    Victoria Looks awesome!!! she’s amazing in everyway, I cannot stop listening “almost paradise” she’s the best, she should do a Tour for all the world.

  • Gtconman49

    I absolutely LOVE Victoria’s dress. She looks radiant.

  • slickivickij

    OMG Victoria looks so beautiful I love her dress & I heard the song she did for the movie and she sounded so amazing!!!

  • Grease

    is victorias body just….weird ….or is it just me??

  • Oh SNAP

    I hate the fact that they made a remake of footloose -___- it’s ridiculous.

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    she is soo skinny!!
    omg this photo disturbs me lol

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    Oh SNAP said:
    I hate the fact that they made a remake of footloose -___- it’s ridiculous.

    same here!! they can’t replace the classic one…also i’m super mad zac efron dropped out of it… he would of at least made it worth watching

  • BrokenArrow

    I don’t like that dress but Victoria is GORGEOUS.

  • anotherjulian

    she is the best :{) and that dress is great on her but what isnt?

  • LittleLovatic

    Victoria looks great! But that dress is not my favorite on her though…

  • jooost

    beautiful Victoria and dress!

  • CottonCandy

    Yh not a fan of Victorias dress.. It looks weird.. Still love her tho :)

  • musical

    I’m not seeing the movie in a theater. Everyone is dressed okay for them. Victoria + the Hollister model is a funny, creative photo. Cute doll.

  • mrpeanut1

    She is so Beautiful

  • themilenator

    Victoria and Ashley look great

  • themilenator

    This remake is never gonna replace the classic and probably won’t be as good and successful

  • laurenmarkrep

    Victoria Justice is so pretty! I love her new song on the Footloose soundtrack. It’s amazing!

  • peacelovevj

    she looks so beautiful here! love the dress.