oceanUP Halloween FAN ART Contest ’11


oceanUP Halloween FAN ART Contest 2011 BEGINS. This is a beautiful time-honored tradition dedicated to devoted FAN ART creators on Photobucket and Flickr. The theme is HALLOWEEN, you need to put ‘oceanUP’ or ‘oceanUP.com’ somewhere in the FAN ART.

RULES: No MORE than 2 entries per person. Make your entry 440 pixels in width or above [Not too small or too big]. Please try to submit your entry as a .JPG, we can’t upload .BMP! It must be PG-13 rated. And NO full on nudity. Limited vulgar language. Include the word ‘oceanUP‘ or ‘oceanUP.com’. Usage of Valentine’s Day theme is encouraged, but not required.

It must be submitted to oceanupfanart@ gmail.com by Oct. 24. Voting will go up when preliminary ‘Top 40′ are picked. Prizes: The TOP 3 will receive Amazon Gift Card, 1st prize: $40, 2nd prize $25 and 3rd prize $20. View past entries in THIS category or earch ‘oceanUP FAN ART’ for examples :] Good luck! So excited for the One Direction entries :)

  • Obibok
  • Obibok
  • demidemirox

    LOL! ;P

  • themilenator

    Haha I like how OU still does these things

  • critical101

    @lovemestealmeawayy Can i Do that? i mean can i use your idea??? FWB!?

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    omg someone make a friends with benefits one with harry and louis on the poster lol that would be funny.

  • skyaintThelimitx

    Lols, didn’t they post this pic already?

  • peacelovehearts


  • Shabalabadingdong

    all of these posts have like 0 comments..

  • iamruth

    i really dont get this and if you do win how are they ment to send you the prize.some of the past entries are good though!

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    someone please do a funny 1D one with louis and zayn fighting over louis lol

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    lol i’m so excited to see what everyone does!! <3
    i’m thinking jelena with lots of babies will be one haha

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    dude i have so many good ideas but i’m not good at making this kind of stuff if anyone is stuck and needs help i’ll help you with ideas ;)