Taylor Swift Response To Joe Jonas Audio

  • Obibok
  • Obibok
  • skyaintThelimitx

    Haha, aww that was cute <3
    and i think the reason he didn’t wanna talk about Cam is because he was really hurt by her. & like, who would want to talk about someone that hurt them in particular, you know? & Jaylor was/is cute. But, i think it’s time to move on guise.

  • JaylorRAWWx

    Omg <3 they are adorable <3

  • OhMy…


  • OhMy…


  • JustxLeex

    hahaha good one.

  • UlitmateAnon

    Even though I dislike Taylor and I dont think shes talented, Jaylor was a really cute couple despite the height thing

  • shanghai123

    Doubt if she liked the previous reference to Camilla!! Think they were a cute couple but hope Taylor has enough self respect not to give Joe another chance – if he did not care about her and their relationship enough the first time not to chase of after Camilla why would she trust him again.

  • Taylor_Marie

    i sent this in :p

  • Ranii

    awwh <3