Nick Jonas Argentina & Chile PHOTOS


More of beauty HERE! Uruguay video under!

  • jonas_love
  • xixi12

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  • lov2shop123

    These people don’t smile. Weird….

  • SuckMyAnonDick


  • Nelenaburninup OMG THAT’S ME, and for those who say ” Why don’t they smile?” DUDE, i was CRYING!!! like a bitch, seriously, just look at my “cry” face,and look at my HAIR! i was desesperated! i just stoped 2 hours after, he’s just perfect, sweet and cute, and know how to make their fans feel BLESSED!

  • iJonas4ever

    Why don’t i smile? I DON’T KNOW! That moment when i met him i don’t even knew what to do, like seriously!! I just hug him with my two fucking arms…and according to Nelenaburninup he’s so freaking perfect, sweet and cute…and yes! he makes us feel blessed!! That’s the BEST day of my life!! :’) TE AMO NICHOLAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!

  • anon4life

    did he say anthing to you girls did he speak any spanish

  • Nelenaburninup

    yep :) he said HOLA! and we talked a little :) anyway he’s amazing!

  • oceanUP


  • purplekoolaid

    HAHAHAHHAH that pic of nic and that dude ftw. so funny. nick looks so awkward

  • Takes1toKno1


  • johnny rocket

    haha nick looks so uncomfortable with that nerd