One Direction Won’t Buy Cowell A Present


One Direction have refused to buy Simon Cowell a 52nd birthday present until he takes them to Barbados. Harry Styles told The Mirror: ‘We didn’t get Simon anything. He said he was going to take us to Barbados but he hasn’t yet. It would look bad if he made a promise and doesn’t come through.’

Louis Tomlinson added: ‘I stole a goose from a hotel in Sweden. Not a real one, a statue. They had loads, I didn’t think they would miss it. I might take an animal from every country we go to.’

  • -Jenii


  • HPloverForever

    No offense to 1D because I love them, but in this they sound like brats. Simon was the reason their famous in the first place and now they wont buy him a present because he hasnt taken them to barbados? Seriously?

    Wow…while people are starving, dying, and living on the streets 1D is worried about going on vacation

  • Grease

    i wouldn’t either lol

  • peacelovehearts

    I stole a goose from a hotel in Sweden.

    Wut? O_o

  • iamruth

    louis stole a goose lmao

  • NeverSayNever

    sick of hearing about them already. :/

  • xDemiSmiley

    Haha i love those guys .. they don’t care what others think of them !

  • Boo-Bear Vibes

    ‘I stole a goose from a hotel in Sweden. Not a real one, a statue.

    This picture makes so much sense now lol

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    Uncle Simon is very busy! Shame on you, Harry! Buy him a present damn it! xD lmao

  • Stru?
  • Stru?