The FBI has arrested a man in Florida suspected of hacking into the phones of Vanessa Hudgens and Scarlett Johansson and leaking photographs that they took of themselves sexually posing nude possibly to send to some of their men. The FBI think he did for the thrill, reports TMZ. The FBI dubbed the investigation ‘Operation Hackerazzi.’ Thank God Miley wasn’t a victim this time!

  • kardashian

    vanessa’s photos were worse.. but yet miley got alot more hate and criticism even though she never took a fully nude photo like vanessa did.

  • gerz
  • BrokenArrow

    I love thebikini that miley’s wearing lol

  • peacelovehearts

    It was me…

  • JustxLeex


    Thank God Miley wasn’t a victim this time!

    why do u show then a pic of one of mileys nude pics? lol dumbass.

  • Sparks

    OP stop being SO FUNNY all the time seriously you’re awesome always joking…..

  • jesusofsuburbia

    nice pic xoxo

  • themilenator

    Thank goodness but why bring Miley in this when it’s about Vanessa’s hacker -_-

  • themilenator

    peacelovehearts said:
    It was me…

    Of course

  • sexonfire11

    i wish if i had miley’s body….

  • SunFlower

    Oh happy days!