From Linday: ‘@ NIU in Dekalb. They were filming a scene where they shot many gun shots. Also, we got to watch as they used their effects to make it seem as if the glass was being shattered by the gun! Last night they filmed at an auto parts place in Dekalb from about 7 PM to 3 AM.

They pretty much filmed the same scene over and over again, which was Zac’s character, his love interest and another actor. When they were done Zac came out and met the fans who waited for him and he was so nice! He did not seem angry at all to be there, and he was so genuine! I’ve heard from a very reliable source that their done shooting and leaving DeKalb by the end of this week! :)’

  • mirandagirl

    This is why Zac Efron is my favorite person and actor.

  • HPloverForever

    He is such a sweetheart. =) Has a very good head over his shoulders considering he still hasn’t become cocky.
    Very sweet. I met him before. Very down to earth and genuine like the fan said.

  • northfacebaby

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  • abby12345

    Aww he’s so cute.<3

  • gerz