Mitchel Musso Drunk Driving ARREST


Mitchel Musso, 20, was arrested for drunk driving in Burbank, CA, reports TMZ. He was pulled over at 3:43 AM Sunday after he failed to slow down for cops who were directing traffic for an unrelated accident. Cops approached his 2007 black Mercedes Benz and detected a ‘strong odor of alcohol.’

He performed poorly for the field sobriety test and in he blew WELL ABOVE .08, the legal limit in CA for people who are OVER the age of 21. He was booked on suspicion of DUI with $5,000 bail, he’s 5’8″ and 133 lbs. These people have no excuse to not hire a taxi, they could kill someone, it’s sad that some people have such little common sense.

  • bitchybutsexy

    He always looking high recently, either from booze nor coke, so him having DUI isn’t really that surprising.

    It’s more surprising that he’s not 21 yet, coz he looks so washed up for his age.

  • themilenator

    shit.. his Disney career is probably over…

  • themilenator

    why is Jason’s tweets shown??

  • themilenator

    this is so ironic to me… I cannot even it’s so weird .__.

  • ImpressUrEgo

    Umm, Not So Shocked. Does That Mean He’s Not Going To Host The AMA Pre-Show?

  • ImpressUrEgo

    His Voice Reminds Me Of Aaron Carter’s Voice o O

  • Demi Lovato.

    And you say Miley is the one who’s gone crazy after Hannah Montana ended.

  • memi trumps sel

    Selfish assholes. Risking other people’s lives because u wont take a taxi

  • Sparks

    Where is LILLY!

  • askashley

    LOL! And To All The People Who Bet Money that Miley would be the next Disney star to get a DUI before she turned 25…They look stupid now… Another Disney Star Bites The Dust.

  • xixi121

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  • realistgangsta

    hahaha dumbass

  • layra

    Sad to see how all of the people I used to look up to mess up their lives.

  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    layra said:

    Sad to see how all of the people I used to look up to mess up their lives.


  • IbeKpoppin4realz

    Hannah Montana ruined everybodies lives.

  • chayalex0099

    Let this be a wake up call people!!! My sister was killed six years ago, in a hit and run, and the driver WAS drunk. Drinking and driving can be LIFE THREATENING!! So keep this in mind, sometimes these stars, aren’t as big of role models as we think.

  • sahina91

    what an idiot.

  • BrokenArrow


  • You Were Thinking It

    What an absolute fucking dumbass

  • mirandagirl

    If he was 21, then I would feel sympathetic, but since he’s not 21, I don’t know what to feel.

  • adam1234

    selena gomez is a pregnant with justin bieber![!]

  • Can’tBeTammed

    OMG!!! i can’t believe!! not for the bullshit that you wrote…