• JoeHoe15

    Zayn & Victoria! <3

  • j.stip87

    I love Victoria!! She always looks so pretty!

  • Ijustneedyounow

    they all kinda look like i do when i have a pretty bad cold (with red noses and puffy eyes) at least zayn, victoria and harry :D

  • xaliaaa

    This made my life! My fav. people all in one :) Missing Liam & Louis though :( She’s tired you guys, she’s beautiful anyways. She doesn’t wear make-up much and that shows how real she is ;]

  • mariaVT7

    GUYS WHATEVER VIC IS GORG NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!! none of us would look evn close to that beautimus if we had no makeup on…ammiright??? LOVE VIC!!!!

  • xaliaaa

    And nobody is ugly.

  • xaliaaa

    she was rehearsing for her show actually :)

  • Sugar_Rush

    so cool i love victoria and 1d <333

  • akzsym

    victoria is the best!!! why all the hate people? she’s super talented!!

  • Shabalabadingdong

    lucky bitch. she looks tired tho or idk, but she looks weird.

  • IheartCodySi

    she’s so fucking ugly

  • JustxLeex

    not her 100 % best pic,the quality also doesnt makes it better, stil cute.
    oh, wheres zayns hand ;)lolol jk…

  • TeamJustice

    Dont like 1d love victoria

  • Didi

    Victoria is SO lucky!!!!

  • Casey12

    Victoria looks amazing with or without makeup…have fun in the UK

  • xixi121

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  • iamruth


  • miranda k

    love you zayn:) but i don’t like victoria

  • lov2shop123

    It doesn’t even look like Victoria. But I agree with you miranda k I don’t like Victoria either.