Nick Jonas Simple Wins blog: Hello everyone. I have just returned from doing a short tour across South America. In the last week I’ve gotten to visit the beautiful countries of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. It was so amazing to see our fans again and go to some new places that I have never been before.

Now I am back in the great USA & enjoying a few days off before picking back up with my schedule. Testing often is what keeps me going during these crazy travel times when I could be in a different country every other day, which is why the Contour USB Meter is a must have in my suitcase. There is one thing I am especially looking forward to in the coming week besides moving to New York..

..for my time on Broadway is reviewing the entries and picking the winner of the Simple Inspirations Contest. All of you who entered are truly inspiring, picking just one winner is not going to be an easy task, it never is! -Nick My Simple Win this month: Testing often and eating a well balanced diet help me to stay healthy while performing around the world.