Harry Styles Kissing Flack + 1D Math Q&A

Caroline and Harry did makeout! Are they the new NELTA?

  • Boo-Bear Vibes

    haha Louis totally gave him away. Math suddenly became ALOT more interesting lol

  • BrokenArrow


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  • SmilerEtLovatic

    ugh the way Harry is answering and what everyone else is saying makes obvious that something happened! DAMN I’M SO JEALOUS AND ANGRY RIGHT NOW. FUCK YOU CAROLINE

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    the fact that you kissed her is ewe and the fact that you’re lying about it is just -___-

  • Boo-Bear Vibes

    Live.Love.Learn. said:
    the fact that you kissed her is ewe and the fact that you’re lying about it is just -___-
    He did the same thing when it asked about Madison on the WMYB video lol, just how he is. He won’t say that he kissed someone.

  • stuckinthemiddle

    David Walliams is the only good thing about this..

  • xMerryh

    i can’t see the video, it says it’s private.

    does anyone have the link?


  • xJonaside97

    no, oceanup, i highly doubt shes using harry for fame.

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  • xDemiSmiley

    Caroline and Harry did makeout! Are they the new NELTA?

    Making out doesn’t mean getting together ,

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    The sound like crap…

  • xDemiSmiley

    Uggh i love that video XD ‘I’d like to suck his cock’

  • xDemiSmiley

    FrancyJonasGomez said:

    The sound like crap…

    It’s just for fun .. you should look up there x factor and live shows .. they sound amazing there !

  • peacelovehearts

    Caroline and Harry did makeout! Are they the new NELTA?


  • Dodah_J

    Harry is cute .. But i dont like 1D

  • Entertainmentlove

    they did not sound good there o_o

  • xDemiSmiley


  • xDemiSmiley

    They didn’t sound good like they always do because the lyrics don’t fit together and they did it for fun ;)