Elle Fanning @ Hollywood Film Awards


Elle Fanning, Emma Stone And Tom Felton @ The 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards held at The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California on October 24. Photos: Fame.

  • HisFavoriteGirl

    She looks messy & face looks oily. /:

  • loveforeverr

    I usually think Elle is pretty, but I agree that she looks kinda creepy up in this picture. and she finally looks like she’s 10 instead of looking like she’s trying to be 25.
    Emma’s gorgeous, but I’m not digging this outfit.
    Tommy’s lookin’ good as always.

  • l?veislouder

    Elle honestly looks like a porcelain doll, but not the kind you beg your mother to buy you =/ she and Dakota dress so oddly. I personally think Dakota got better genetics, but I’m sure they could both be stunningly gorgeous girls if they just stuck to what is age-appropriate, and not try so hard to be what they’re not. I feel bad; those two never ever had a childhood. they were in it from the start, and it seems to just not have had a good effect on them =/

  • BrokenArrow

    what’s with the hair¿

  • ximo

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  • Entertainmentlove

    she looks like a creepy grandma doll 0_0

  • gottalent

    Oct 25, 2011 @ 08:21 am
    Entertainmentlove said:

    she looks like a creepy grandma doll 0_0

    Now now don’t hate cause you can’t look the same way.

  • xDemiSmiley

    Don’t get me wrong she is a gorgeous girl .. but everybody says she looks 17/18 and i don’t see that i just see a 14 year old girl !

  • peacelovehearts

    Elle > Dakota…. I’m just sayinn.

  • GoMileyGo

    She really is beautiful. I love the Fanning sisters, they are amazing!

  • exoticmist

    I don’t like the dress or the hair. She’s cute but that look just isn’t working for her.

  • BeautifulChaos

    i acctually love this look but the hair just looks kinda wrong and her face is glowing

  • JustxLeex

    omg horrible. ew.

  • GabyFuente

    Dakona anddd Elle both beautiful sisters, and O.M.G. tom, tom, tom, handsome Tom <3