Zac Efron made his way out of Palm restaurant in Beverly Hills, California on November 1, 2011 with his shades on and a toothpick in his mouth. Recently rumors of yet another romance between Zac and ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens surfaced after buzz that he wants to rekindle their relationship, but is there any truth to this love connection gossip? Photos: Fame.

  • shanghai123

    Not only an old rumour but I think it was started by Star Magazine who just seem to make up anything they want. Yes they were a cute couple but 5 years is a long time and it was probably just time to move on. Hate to think it cause he is so gorgeous but those short shorts for Halloween looked really gay. Cannot imagine any straight guy wearing them EVER!!

  • abby12345

    It was Halloween, he was dresses up like a cop from Reno 911. In fact the guy he was dresses up as he knows and the guy isn’t gay.

  • no1curr


  • exoticmist

    No shorts today, Zac?

  • abby12345

    I get that people want them back together but that damn article is from almost a year ago. Vanessa’s with that Austin kid and seems to be fine. Let them live their lives people.

  • amtfanxo

    He looks so hot ;) And that article was from January. Zac and Vanessa have been over for a year ya’ll gotta move on.

  • simpleness

    Palm palm palm pa pa pa pa palm

  • mirandagirl

    Zac looks so hot (:
    I can’t wait for his movie to come out in December