oceanUP iDanceMarchine VIP GIFTBAG


iDanceMachine VIP Gift Bag featuring Justin Bieber SINGING TOOTHBRUSH & The Hunger Games Hardcover Book + MORE! Nov. 7 @ 5 PM PST/ 8 PM EST we will twitpic a picture of the giftbag and give it away to any random comment

underneath the twitpic. And will announce the winner at 5:15 PM PST/ 8:15 PM EST. We will then DM the winner to provide us their address in which the giftbag will be shipped to that address. MUST BE A US RESIDENT TO PARTICIPATE. Giftbag courtesy of: iDanceMachine.com and MyLifeMyPower.Org. Find out more about My Life My Power HERE. FULL list of contents under!

DREAM DUFFEL Dancer’s Bag by Dancers Dream LLC
LIV DOLL Sophie Styling Head by SpinMaster Toys
“THE HUNGER GAMES” Hardcover Book from Scholastic Books
Brush Buddies JUSTIN BIEBER Singing Toothbrush
FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen Mascara (exclusively from Sephora)
Hard Candy Perfume
Dark Dog Energy Drink
NOAH’S Sparkling Water
My Life My Power Official Band Bracelet
Kooky Necklace Pen
Gymathics DVD and Color-Changing Star Pencils
“Don’t Hit Send Just to Fit In” Anti-Bullying Book
HI-CHEW Candy by Morinaga America Inc.

  • kzcp103

    Omg so awesome i want it!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • xAskTaylorx

    This prize looks cool, for my 8-11 year old cousins. I’ll probably do this.

  • lolalola

    My baby sister would love this!

  • LexiLuvsu

    I want it!!!!!!!!!!

  • thesevenonesix

    my twitter is @ohsevenonesix I would love this for my sister, please! I dont have much $ for this year and would appreciate it! thank you<3

  • LexiLuvsu

    My twitter is @LexiLuvsU143

  • thesevenonesix

    oh please please please this would make her so happy<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • -Jenii

    lol at this random ass prize