Big Time Rush VS. All Time Low FACEOFF

Listen to Big Time Rush‘s version of ‘No Idea’ HERE! Thx @liannacohen.

  • GetDirtyDoWork

    I highly doubt BTR got permession to use the lyrics. If they did, then they wouldn’t have had to make subtle changes to some of the words. And I don’t know if any of you noticed or not, but the meoldy after the chorus of the BTR was the exact same as in the ATL version.
    I hope Alex sues for them stealing his music. I mean c’mon, did they think that nobody would notice?

  • AllTimeLowHoe

    we all know whos better… big time rush GTFO

  • Lantonia

    I don’t know who All Time Low is. I’ve heard the name before, and I know a little bit about BTR.

  • meep

    This is just getting annoying. The whole music industry is run by big corporate companies, BTR is not some garage band who stole it. Companies can sell lyrics/music all the time. it’s very common. I’m positive they got the rights considering they work with Sony Pictures and Nickelodeon. Everyone needs calm downnnnn

  • nikki94cole

    Is this really even a question? All time low is so much better..not only did BTR take no idea from them they completely ruined it. All Time Low is a hard working band. they actually have been working at there band for 6 years and finally got signed to a major label. and Big Time Rush is a nickolodeon manufactured “band” they are just a boy group with absoloutely no talent. All Time Low have good songs good lyrics. They are funny and care for there fans. Actually care for the fans. Hustlers for life <3 :)

  • nikki94cole

    8 years*

  • nikki94cole

    8 years*

  • kattt.

    Considering it’s an ATL song, they of course do it so much better. Alex Gaskarth wrote the song, so he just adds something to it.
    Big Time Rush’s version just seems like a cheap copy.

  • DirtyWorker

    Oh please, All Time Low is the best band in the world, Big Time Rush totally ruined the song.

  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    OMG!! i am tired of hearing bout this. it’s all over tumbler. we get it. can we move on now!

  • gaskarth

    If big time rush didn’t get permission to use these lyrics, i hope they’re ready for a lawsuit. Did they expect no one to notice or something?