Demi caught the bouquet with Wilmer @ Tiffany’s wedding!

More pictures HERE!

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    and oceanup needs it today…we should all come together in one post…

  • YavrigsKatkout

    Awwww <3 Love is in the air;) So cuteee

  • xAskTaylorx

    New users.

  • Warrior1461

    I think if they are going out, from some of these pics its about to collapse, Except for them walking arm in arm. She is not smiles, one pic they bold look really sullen as he is trying to explain himself.

    At the reception, there is a shot of him texting while Demi is talking to one of the Randoms.

    This looks like the body language of a couple who just had a nasty fight or broke up and are forced to be together because of work or some prior scheduled event. WV was picked by Chris Carney to be a groomsman, so he was not exactly Demi’s date.

    Twits, only pic WV did of the wedding was his drink, then tweeted much later from Memphis TN.

    Also with this tour starting today, ever since those nov 1st pics of her kissing WV, She has not done a single promotional radio/tv interview, they even avoided each other at the latin grammys.

    With this mini tour I will not be surprised if WV gets caught by TMZ, walking out of the bar with some C-grade skag. Doubt we will see them spend X-mas together as since a 1 year after treatment she probably wants a REAL one with her FAM.

    I am also highly suspicious that her recovery support team, including her manager-dad stepped in and stopped this thing.

  • Warrior1461

    It also looks like Tiff and the other bridesmaids were letting her catch the thing.

  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    yea. i think tiff was tryin to throw it at demi. demi’s arms are in front of her as the others girls’ are up in the air. but lmfao at the chick to the far right. she’s like i ain’t even gonna try haha


    Who cares who she dates. As long as she’s happy.

  • SunFlower

    xAskTaylorx said:

    I’m just saying the photographer made a mistake not showing Demi’s face. She looks pretty either way I guess. Just trying to liven things up… ;P


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    im just saying you can do better….

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    Demi Valderrama the babies will be coming soon to a theater near you.

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    Heehee. @SMAD.

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    first .. :)

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    Oh my god, they’re going public

  • xAskTaylorx

    First!!! Again. This is probably one of the worst front covers of a magazine ever. The photographer doesn’t know how pretty demis face is? Silly photog.!

  • xAskTaylorx

    My iPhones slow. That’s all I’m going to say. -__-

  • xAskTaylorx

    Shes in the front, of course she’s going to catch it. It looks like she knew tif was going to throw it to her. Look at demis arms, then look at the other girls arms. Do you see a difference?

  • mimi

    why is she dating him, I don’t find him attractive at all, I wonder if he is a pig like people are saying about him dishing on him having sex with other girl, I hope he doesn’t do it to demi if they ever break up. he said ashley was a screamer and I forgot what other stuff he said, he talk about his sex escape demi better watch it with him. I wouldn’t trust him.

  • SunFlower

    The Seventeen magazine cover of Demi is not that bad. She looks fine. Also, Wilmer and her look like a cute latin couple together, despite the age difference. You can’t even tell.

    @XAskTaylorX, just stop making such a big deal about every little thing about her or what she does. It is not even that serious.

  • xAskTaylorx

    I’m just saying the photographer made a mistake not showing Demi’s face. She looks pretty either way I guess. Just trying to liven things up… ;P

  • xAskTaylorx

    Mimi! XD