Rebecca Black Person Of Interest VIDEO

  • alexabee

    how much is she paying people….

  • clairexo

    Ahaha good question

  • anons

    chorus is catchy but the song sucks

  • Sparks

    OH GOD…

  • 3Hearts

    here we go again… -.-

  • THEbomb

    She needs to stop…

  • clairexo

    There’s a crime scene on the dance floor” KAY GUYS WHAT THE HECK IS THIS CHICK ON

  • Me-Me

    Well … Another awful song…
    but i must say : the chorus is kinda catchy !
    She’s pretty (and doesn’t sing good but whatever) how the hell did she become famous?
    I mean first Friday, and another song with a name i don’t remember, and now THIS? It can’t be THAT BAD as Friday, but come on Rebecca, just stop singing please, i think people are just making fun of you, and that’s sad!