oceanUP Halloween Fan Art ’11 Winners


Winners please email us with your entry attached! 1st place is 1st! Congrats!

  • xstayingstrongx

    okay @xAskTaylorx OCEANUP wrote that Valentine theme can also be used! for my information?,, sorry if i didnt know that you didnt like them, cause i dont know anything about you and im never gonna be interested to know anything bout you,
    also, @Jessica effect Im pretty sure i saw the careless activity having 900+ Votes and mine with ALMOST 500, while the jennifer’s body has 450+ so basically those should be the winners, i dont know what happened to that jennifer’s body thing,,

  • anons

    when he opens his arms and holds you close tonight
    it just wont feel right
    cuz i can love you more than this

  • jessica effect


    careless activity is number 2. none of them go over 500 votes except for the oceanup magazine cover looking thing

  • jessica effect


    i just realized you might be confused on the numbers. careless activity was number 2, not number 1. i thought it was number 1 also but i e-mailed them and asked because i had everyone voting for number 2, because i thought that was my number. but i e-mailed them and they said careless activity was number 2 and mine was number 3.

  • xstayingstrongx

    @jessica effect well thats wierd, if The miley Mag thing got over 500, then why is it in the last place, and gosh i kept telling people to vote for no.3 cause i thought that it was my entry, the friends with benefits one, i thought Careless activity was no.1 and the miley mag wasnt part of the contest cause there are 28 photo below and the poll got 28 numbers, so if yours was no.3 did i just helped you WIN!? thats not cool!

  • xAskTaylorx

    And it also had nothing to do with

  • -Jenii

    careless activities lmaoo

  • mimi

    I love the one with the red eyes of miley that one is definately a winner.

  • xAskTaylorx

    The fifth one should have been at the top and then the first one after. Some of these are stupid, like the “friends with benefits” one. My opinion.

  • xstayingstrongx

    aww! thats great of you to call mine stupid.. “friends with benefits” seriously why call it stupid when your icon is Harry?

  • itsmaina


    Who gives a flying fuck and what’s the prize anyway?:)

  • .foreveralone.

    this made me want to look up the video of Miley Cyrus smoking salvia

  • jessica effect

    UM da fuck.. kldgkljsadgkj

    mine had 495 votes. the careless activity had 225 and friends with benefits had 420. mine should have been in second place…….. wtf

    i just emailed them about it lol. i want my giftcard ok.

  • jessica effect

    Who gives a flying fuck and what’s the prize anyway?:)


    amazon gift cards, 1st place is $45 and i think second is $25, don’t remember third tho

  • xAskTaylorx

    < <<<< That is just used for the 1D fans.... I don't really like 1D. Fyi. And the "reply button" doesn't work. New users. @xstayingstrongx.

  • Boo-Bear Vibes

    lmaaaaaao the Friends With Benefits one :D