Zoe Myers is in talks to star in the thriller ‘Point Blank,’ based on a book by the same name by Mark Rempel. The adapted screen play by Ryan Small explores the lives of college students on a community college campus. They are led by a troubled professor who uses his students to solve his own life problems.

He’s also helped by a custodian who is a solid family man. When a student at the school goes on shooting spree, the professor and his students all seek the meaning of life. Zoe was one of the leads in the feature film ‘Destiny Road,’

Which filmed in Wake Forest, North Carolina in April 2011. Photos were taken at her music video shoot for new song ‘Destiny Knows My Name’, to be released on iTunes soon.

  • Angel_heartz1988

    You are on a roll!!! :D Congrats on your accomplishments & blessings thus far!

  • guitarmom

    Zoe Myers is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is a thoughtful person and does tons of charity work. I am surprised by the nasty comments about her. Evidently people comment without real knowledge of the person they are commenting about. It would be nice if people kept their thoughts to themselves unless they are personally aware of what has happened. The media reports things that are not always true.
    I wish good luck to Ms. Myers. She has worked hard to get where she is and has shown grace and class throughout the storm of negative comments she has been subjected to. She is a true lady! LOVE HER!!

  • danyelh

    So exciting. What a beauty.

  • stacyo

    I love Zoe! I can’t wait to see her in all these new projects!

  • MNmoose

    Pretty girl. She does cool events for her community and sounds sweet, and down to earth, a good person. I hope to see her in some big projects!

  • MistyMtnBlue

    Wow, hard to believe how easily some people can hate someone they know nothing about except rumors from years ago. Sad.

    “If you didn’t see it with your own eyes,
    Or hear it with your own ears,
    Then don’t believe it with your small mind
    Or spread it with your big mouth”

    Well, the good news Zoe, is that you are beautiful & sweet & classy & moral & compassionate & successful! And you have waaayyy more supporters who love you than these few, miserable, small minded haters.

    Rock on sweetheart! Wonderful things are in store for you!!

  • CJfromGA

    Zoe would be great for this part. Can’t understand why people still dwell on the past; that whole Jonas thing was so long ago. I’m sure he and Danielle wish people would stop bringing it up too. Move on…they have.

  • blondiekw

    Zoe Myers is a talented actress and a singer. She is very kind and just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

  • moviefan

    How exciting! Zoe is perfect for this role! She’s such an amazing talent and a beautiful person inside and out. I’ve loved all of her work and can’t wait to see her ROCK this role, too. Also looking forward to the release of Destiny Road and her new music video! Keep up the great work, Zoe!

  • rachelbats

    Love Love Love!!Zoe Myers looks so beautiful! Can’t wait to download the song on iTunes.

  • deann

    I think Zoe would be perfect for the film, “Point Blank”. She is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses. She has an incredible voice, too. Love her. FYI, she also is a nice person and does tons of charity work.

  • dram61

    Zoe is beautiful inside and out….it is so nice to see all of her hard work paying off! Looking forward to the new video and movie releases.

  • lizag

    I’m glad Kevin married Danielle and not her, she is ugly and looks fake to me, not like Danielle she is sweet and classic, and pretty!

  • AriaJ

    Video Girl rocked my world for a whole two seconds and now I know I’m not about to be another victim

  • AriaJ

    Video Girl became irrelevant the day Kevin figured out she was a famewhore and dumped her ass. So why are you posting about her, OU?
    She’s got no talent.
    The only reason people know who she is is because of Kev and the song Video Girl.

  • itsmaina