Ariana Grande LOVE CULTURE Launch


Ariana Grande at the LOVE CULTURE Store Holiday Launch Party! Ariana Grande recently announced her FIRST single off her new record will be On Black Friday there will be a male model for YOU to kiss under a mistletoe in your local LOVE CULTURE store so you can have your ‘Mistletoe Moment’!

Love Culture’s ‘Mistletoe Moment’ gives Black Friday shoppers the opportunity to experience a fashion shopping experience that beats sitting in santa’s lap by leaps and bounds. From opening to noon on Black Friday, Love Culture shoppers will have the opportunity to get a kiss and photo with one of their hunky ‘prince charming’ models under the mistletoe.

Interview topics: Favorite Holiday Colors to Wear, Favorite Fall/Winter Fashion.

  • Sparks

    In the first picture I thought the guy was a wax figure, oh well…

  • GoMileyGo

    Oh My God, why did she cut her hair like that????!!!!!

  • IbeKpoppin4realz

    guy is cute.

  • Casey12

    i luv Victoria!!!!!!

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    lucky her he’s cute. don’t really like that store…gheotto ish

  • BeautifulChaos

    Red hair and a red dress? – bad choice!

  • Me-Me

    i agree – red dress and red hair: bad choice… but she looks really cute !
    that girl is beautiful !

  • JustxLeex

    GoMileyGo said:
    Oh My God, why did she cut her hair like that????!!!!!

    thats not real. its just such a fake thingy you can put at your head & then it looks totally real. lol

  • anons