• mimi

    awww they are adorable hottest blue eye hot looking bodies out there!!!no wonder they keep on winning on cutest couple and hottest couple.

  • mfan2

    Good video :)

  • wavy

    I want to go to a drake concert soo bad.

  • realistgangsta


  • themilenator

    That’s cool didn’t know she’s a fan of Drake.

    I’d like to see a hq video of this tho

  • BrokenArrow

    I didn’t know she’s a fan of Drake either.

  • mfan2

    I’m sure she likes rap and likes Drake, but I think she’s closer to Maroon 5, who also performed. She sang that Maroon 5 song in The Last Song, and she went to the Maroon 5 Halloween party.