Vanessa Hudgens ‘Bought A Penguin Sled’


I am a 5 year old. Yes, I bought a penguin sled.

Lol I rode down icey mountains on a penguin. Epic.

  • DearTaylor

    That is cute haha!

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    lol i love her!! i would do the same.

  • exoticmist

    Haha, so cute! She seems like a fun person.

  • themilenator

    She’s so cute lol

  • themilenator

    .foreveralone. said:
    she seems…annoying

    Um NO… -_-

  • .foreveralone.

    she seems…annoying

  • themilenator

    I want to get a penguin sled if I ever go snow sledding…

  • nikabela

    It looks like she dropped the weight she had gained. She is gorgeous.

  • BrokenArrow

    haha cute