Demi Lovato Travis Clark LOVE


  • true_love_exists

    they need to date already. ’nuff said. so cute<3

  • kardashian

    Oh ok

  • selene

    This photo is so nice.. it makes me dream to some nice things.
    Aer Conditionat

  • kattt.

    It’s actually a tattoo he got, but the only reason he got it was because he didn’t want to have to keep writing it haha. He has hope on the other hand. :]

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    THEY ARE SO CUTE!! why arent they dating?!!

  • kenny102

    haha actually he has Love written on his wrist. And yes Hope his written on his other wrist…. not his hand. <3

  • theskarpholt


  • kattt.

    Love Travis. Shows how great of a person he is that he is still there for Demi after all her issues.

  • Nazi

    aw my little baby, off to destroy people

  • JelenaRocks

    Nazi ur funny and ur icon too miley is a crazy chick xD

  • august

    I wish they would date. He seems like he’d be the perfect boyfriend and friend for her.

  • anons
  • kardashian

    Ok what is the point of writing love on your hand

  • kenny102

    Travis always writes “Love” on his hand before he preforms. <3

  • anons

  • xAskTaylorx

    Cute. Thats my Miley icon! Lol. @Nazi.

  • xAskTaylorx

    Whatever eye shadow she was wearing, didn’t do to well for her eyes….