Taylor Swift OURS Music Video Premiere


Taylor heading to Il Buco Restaurant today in New York City. INF. Autoplay!

  • anons
  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    aw cute video;)

  • xAskTaylorx

    It’s mimi and her awesomenes!

  • anons

  • black_spades


  • TiedTogetherWithASmile

    The ending was perfect!

  • TeamJustice

    I cant watch it

  • Fuckyou

    Awww Zch Gilford

  • jemi_loverx3

    Awwwww the ending is so sweet x)

  • xAskTaylorx

    I loved the video! The ending gave me the chills. It reminds me of when my brother comes home from his base. <3

  • mimi

    Not her best work I guess I like videos like love story and tears in my guitar. I only like the ending .

  • DearTaylor

    Her new hair is cute. But I love her curly hair. The video is so cute too. <3 Of course her cat’s in the video. Meredith is a star haha.

  • loveforeverr

    I loveddd her music video :) it made me laugh, Meredith was in it, and the ending was just like as;dlfkjas;dfklj.

  • anons