Delta Goodrem Tours CANCER CENTER


Delta Goodrem was diagnosed with cancer [Hodgkin’s lymphoma] at age 18. Delta said she found help from ‘angels’ the doctors and nurses from St Vincents Hospital plus researchers. Delta inspected the 11-storey medical centre being built in Darlinghurst, which will customize patient treatment instead..

..of the one-drug-fits-all approach which doesn’t always work. She is now the ambassador of the new Kinghorn Centre. Delta: ‘I wanted to be the patron of this centre and was honoured when asked. It’s something so phenomenal and..

..evolutionary, and the fact we will have such an amazing and incredible facility here in Sydney is so important to me. To have such a personal connection, and fact that the actual centre is about personalised medicine is truly incredible.’Her cancer doctor John Moore said the singer has yearly check-ups eight years after diagnosis and that her support was vital:

‘It’s important because she has had a personal journey through cancer & that’s the focus of this centre. You can’t get a better ambassador who pushed through cancer and been so brave, considering the public profile she has.’ Pix HERE!

  • anonmus

    Our country is so fixated on weight.You know, if she does wear long skirts to hide her legs/bottom half it’s because everyone is so weight conscious in this country and looks at every ounce on a person.

  • lizag

    Yeah everybody knows who she is THANKS TO NICK JONAS!!!

  • laceyxox

    I didn’t know she had lymphoma either! My boyfriend had it about two years ago but doesn’t it have like a 98% cure rate?

  • Nazi

    i think she looks like hilary duff in the first pic

  • mylibertycyrus

    Sincerely? I agree /\

  • justmebabe

    Most relevant thing she’s done in months besides appearing with Nick Jonas in candids…

  • l?veislouder

    sSacks12 said:

    i can tell why she likes to wear long skirts
    I’m pretty sure when you cross your legs, they get pushed together and appear larger than they are. her legs are beautiful.
    of course, you probably wouldn’t know anything about crossing your legs…

  • loveforeverr

    she’s gorgeous.

  • TiedTogetherWithASmile

    Lantonia said:

    You don’t care.

    *high five*

  • loganhasmyheart

    I had no idea she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma! Lynette Scavo character had it on Desperate Housewives,and one my good guy friends had it.

  • JustxLeex

    i love her hair :)

  • Ijustneedyounow

    Dec 3, 2011 @ 02:13 pm
    Lantonia said:

    You don’t care.

    me neither

  • Lantonia

    You don’t care.

  • sSacks12

    i can tell why she likes to wear long skirts

  • jonashead705

    man I love her!

    such an inspiration.

  • mylibertycyrus

    she’s appearing in many places after she started dating nick, butttttt …

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