Demi Lovato Pranks We The Kings

FF to 4:16.

  • peacelovehearts

    CTFxC FTW!

  • MuffinsAreEvil

    CTFxC FTW!

  • xoclairee15

    aww i love them all
    CTFxC FTW!!!

  • SparkstheKenzie

    hahah i have to say the wtk prank was 10x funner. ctfxc ftw

  • sarahctfxc

    Travis one was way better CTFXC FTW!!!!

  • meris

    that was a fail

  • sarahctfxc


  • TeamJustice


  • kenny102

    pshhhh Travis background dancing was a better prank. ;) CTFxC FTW

  • parathereal

    Weird reaction

  • anons