Justin Bieber Mistletoe X Factor UK Live

+ Justin Bieber in Beauty Book For Brain Cancer.

  • Entertainmentlove

    Still sounds like a chicken in pain.

  • anons
  • kardashian

    the outfits in the photos aren’t good but his face looks really good

  • UlitmateAnon

    he was holding on to that microphone stand like crazy lol

  • selene

    I don’t like this boy at all, he looks so gay, I can’t understand why all the girls are so crazy about him.
    Calcul RCA 2012

  • JelenaRocks

    OMg his a sexxy thing !

  • justingotsexy

    That X-factor performance was perfect, you can’t lie to yourselves.

  • Auro_ Only Bieber For Me_

    So Sexyyyyy =Q____