Mitchel Musso & Gia Pose With Sarah M


Mitchel Musso & me. Saw him & Gia during our annual Toluca Lake Christmas Walk. I love these two, they really make an awesome couple. It was such a great night for our neighborhood, all the stores and restaurants were open with free samples and christmas music. Had a really fun time. Follow @SarahMOnline.

  • xloliciouss


  • xloliciouss

    GIA AND MITCHEL ARE BOTH HIGH. hahahah check out their eyes, reD!

  • Dash

    Poor Mitchell, his skin is still so bad. ProActive did NOT work for him!

  • Ijustneedyounow

    she could look really pretty if she got new glasses, a different haircut and rid of that black smudged eye-make up. but whatever…. if she feels comfortable.

  • BrokenArrow


  • memi trumps sel

    He’s not even smiling

  • m

    He needs some proactive!

  • anons
  • JustxLeex

    daaaanng o.o

  • THEbomb

    He looks scary…

  • Lantonia

    This girl just meets every celebrity, huh?

  • Lantonia

    But I haven’t seen her with Tay yet. x;

  • Entertainmentlove

    god what happend to him he got so skinny and acne facey and one eye is smaller than the other 0_o