@ Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Photos: Fame.


  • ralston

    Thank You Messagesmy lord thank you for blessing me With a mind to rhyme and two

  • purplekoolaid

    lol you gotta be kidding! the girl is still has no chest! are you looking at the same person i am hahaha. if she got implants she sure got ripped off cause her boobs are no bigger.

    and are lea and ashton dating, those pics seem shady.

  • Taylor1

    New Year’s Eve is often celebrated at social gatherings, during which participator dance, eat, consume alcoholic beverages new year messages, and watch or abstract fireworks to object the gradations year

  • abby12345

    YUM Mr. Efron. <3

  • Dash

    Umm, is it really appropriate for Ashlton Kutcher to be posing with Lea Michelle like that while she is basically topless considering all that has happened recently? I’m just sayin…

  • Dash

    P.S. You can totes see the implant scar on that one pic where her entire boob is hanging out. She is certainly proud of them, since she always has them out. That’s Glee money right there!

  • ralston

    When i was going to wish “goodnigth”my dear friends.Good Night Messagesthat time a face blinking in my hearts…that was your face.

  • loveforeverr

    woahh lea michele showing some boobs much? but aww cory looks so sad without her haha.. and abigail breslin has really gotten pretty. i like her look.

  • exoticmist

    Handsome <3. Lea and Ashton could possibly make a cute couple, idk.

  • Sparks


  • threelittlebirds

    zac efron looks yummy in that suit

  • brandneweyes

    Zac Efron… unf

  • simpleness

    I might watch the movie

  • themilenator

    I kinda don’t think that movie will do well but we’ll see lol

  • JustxLeex

    nomnomnom efron.

  • anons