Youth Rocks Awards 2011 WINNERS


FULL list under!

Rockin’ Actress TV
Ashley Benson

Rockin Actor TV
Tyler Posey

Rockin Actress Film
AnnaSophia Robb

Rockin Actor Film
Lucas Till

Rockin Sidekick TV/ Film
BooBoo Stewart

Rockin Child Performer
Madison De La Garza

Rockin Music Video of the Year
Demi Lovato

Rockin Artist of the Year
Justin Bieber

Rockin Breakout Group of the Year
One Direction

Rockin New Artist of the Year
Greyson Chance

Rockin Ensemble Cast TV/ Comedy

Rockin Ensemble Cast TV/ Drama
Teen Wolf

Rockin Ensemble Cast Film
Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Rockin Dancer of the Year
Melanie Moore

Rockin Dance Group of the Year

Rockin Mini Dancer of the Year
Miles ‘Baby Boogaloo’ Brown

Rockin Mini Dance Group of the Year
The Art of Teknique

Rockin Indie Artist if the Year
Christina Grimmie

Rockin Social Media Site

Rockin Celebrity Blog

Special Thanks to all of our great performers:
The Art of Teknique
Future Funk: Miles ‘Baby Boogaloo’ Brown
Kendall Glover
The Rage Crew
Dancetown Chaos
Charlize Glass
D’Angelo and Amanda
TJ and the Lil Mamas
The Massey Brothers
Lost in Kostko

  • xAskTaylorx

    Got nothing to say now? ^^^^^^^^

  • -truth

    & none for Selena bye trololol

  • SunFlower

    Congrats Maddie.

  • Nadz___

    aww Maddie.
    Why do people make fun of her?
    She’s so nice and mature for her age!

  • xAskTaylorx

    Cool. Love the pic.

  • elizagutierrez

    It’s true she really needs to lose weight !!!

  • xAskTaylorx

    Demi hater. >.>

  • xAskTaylorx

    Look, she made another account! Yes maddie may be a little chunky, but it’s genetics, she can’t help it she’s not as lucky as other people.

  • Taylor1

    Awards of this type should birthday quotes be held for appreciation of youth and young generation

  • Dash

    It’s weird seeing skinny Demi again. I’ve gotten used to her “new” real figure.

  • THEbomb


  • DBiscut

    well at least she’ll always look skinny besides that beast.