Taylor Swift Will Anderson DATING?

Taylor Swift‘s been spending a lot of time with Parachute’s Will Anderson from Parachute. Tay’s at Will’s house ‘at least 3-4 times a week’. He may have written ‘White Dress’ about Taylor.

  • l?veislouder

    I believe I love this. completely, completely love this. I’m so happy for her if this is true and she is happy. I’ve never been happier for her about a relationship. she completely deserves this.

  • kary_redfern

    I’m gonna love you forever
    Or 72 days Amen
    As long as Justin Bieber is not a conceiver
    as long as Taylor Swift is with her current boyfriend

    Gotta love how Brad Paisley comes up with songs that are all about true things in life.

  • CatchMeIfYouCan

    If this bitch is dating him…….. Omg I hate her. I’m in love with parachute, she’ll ruin them for me.

  • Oh SNAP

    Parachute’s Will Anderson from Parachute

  • anons
  • Ijustneedyounow

    with Parachute’s Will Anderson from Parachute.

    oh god OU :D

  • meltheresa

    Noooo Will is mine

  • BrokenArrow

    I love her shoes!!