Kevin Jonas Is Beautiful


Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney wrote about Jonas Brothers on Twitter on the Black Keys tickets for Madison Square Garden was exhausted & soon after Kevin was offended by a girl. He wrote: ‘We sold out MSG in 15 minutes.

I feel like a ‘Jonas Brother’.’ A girl then sent: ‘You remind me of Kevin, he’s ugly.’ Patrick replied, ‘This unpleasant. Thank you. You remind me of every girl at my school.’ Kevin Jonas’s reply retweet Patrick, and said:

‘That last tweet retweet I was so amazing!’ And fans have come together to show their support & admiration for Kevin, and managed to take ‘Kevin J is Beautiful’ in minutes in Twitter Trending Topics.

  • l?veislouder

    He’s gotten really good looking. He was always attractive, and he has the prettiest eyes out of the brothers, but he was overshadowed by Joe and Nick. I always thought this was a good picture of him.

  • loverboys
  • skyaintThelimitx

    Yes. Yes he is <3

  • StephaniaJonas

    He’s hot, not ugly, that bitch ¬¬’

  • Dash

    He is beautiful! As they all get older, he is definitely becoming the hottest Jonas Brother. I’d rather get hot as I get older than be a cute teenager. Just sayin. Your Kevin jokes are outdated people, get with the times!

  • Entertainmentlove

    he is not ugly he looks just like nick and joe but older

  • Dash

    Especially with shaggy hair like in the picture. He seriously looks like a hotter version of Joe!

  • Sparks

    I love Jonatics :) He’s beautiful.

  • Loge_JonasBros013

    Kevin <3

  • liss1

    i like kev, but he’s not attractive for me

  • crazylady

    I remember that pic. I have that pic except it had those stupid watermark rings or whatever…this is way better
    but anyway that was my fav pic of Kevin. it helped me be attracted to him at the time.

  • OhMy…

    He’s so hot!!

  • kardashian

    he’s not ugly.. he’s better looking then joe.
    but i would say nick is the best looking.