Teen Girl, ‘I Got Engaged In High School’


Credit: New issue of TWIST. Would you get married in high school?

  • kaykayenoel

    Er, I’m sorry, but methinks they’re making a huge mistake. Like someone else said earlier, perhaps a promise ring would’ve been better, but a full-on marriage is just ridiculous at such a young age. Neither are fully mature yet, even if they’re both eighteen. I’d wait if I were them.

  • amandamary1992

    I don’t see why this made it into a magazine but I don’t see why everyone thinks it’s a bad thing either. i got engaged in high school and i’m really happy.

  • .foreveralone.

    dumb bitch

  • loverboys
  • OhMy…

    Only if its with a Jonas.. hell yeah!

  • Ijustneedyounow

    you americans are really crazy… if you’re in love and happy, why do you need a title to your relationship? marriage only makes splitting up more complicated. no wonder there are so many divorces…

  • l?veislouder

    Would I get married in high school? No. I graduated already anyway, but that’s beside the point. I wouldn’t get married now either. I have too much living and experiences to go through before I want to settle down. Do I think I’ve met the man I’m going to marry? I do. But as someone has already said, that doesn’t mean we have to get married now. If we think we’re “The One”, that’ll still be the case in 5-10 years. If we get married now, I could meet someone who really is “The One” and then have to deal with divorce, and possibly even children. On the other hand, if we do happen to be “The One” for each other, 40 years down the line, we could very well resent each other for feeling as if we were tied down and never got to live our lives. So would I get married now? No. Engaged… eh, probably not.
    But no one has the right to tell this girl she can’t get engaged or married. If she feels it’s right, it’s right. Her life isn’t affecting you. @Ijustneedyounow, Americans have something we like to call “freedom.” At least we don’t force arranged marriages like other countries do; at least this girl gets to have a choice. And if she happens to go through divorce in 3 years, that’s her experience to go through and feel through, not yours.
    This is why I hate when people are against gay marriage; it’s not your business to decide if someone else can get married or not. If it’s not affecting you, leave it alone.

  • skyaintThelimitx

    OhMy… said:
    Only if its with a Jonas.. hell yeah!
    *smiles* same said for me.

  • glitterfruitx

    mayybee if it was justin timberlake(;
    haha, nahh, i wouldnt. but i would accept to one of those promise rings or whatever.

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  • BrokenArrow

    My bf asked me to marry him after we finish high school i said no lol

  • kattt.

    I honestly don’t see why this is a big deal and made it into a magazine. We have quite a few girls engaged at my school, although probably only half of them will actually get married and stay married until they are about 21.

  • jonashead705

    I finished high school 2 years ago. like 3 couples got engaged after exams finished.

    1 is mormon so they have to get married young but the other had been dating for 2yrs.
    they still aren’t married yet the other 2 couples

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    This happens all of the time. Why is it news?

  • Lilly

    LOL Slow news day, huh?

    I never got why people want to get married so young, what’s the point of settling down when you still have so much to experience?

    If you really love each other, why should that change 5 years, 10 years, down the road?

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    no way and even if a boy liked me..still no way.
    i don’t want to get married till im like 30

  • JelenaRocks

    ummmmmmmmmm okay……