Demi Lovato ‘I’M HOME’


Demi Lovato arriving at LAX airport from Florida. Photos: Flynet.

  • Miley_Jonas

    The red hair. No.

  • loverboys
  • xAskTaylorx

    Her sense of style is…….. Well.=/
    Why did she leave Florida!?!? Awww man! Lol.

  • urluvismydrugg

    The red hair is not good.

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    She’s so beautiful, I’m not going to sit here and say she’s ugly cause she’s not but why does she dress so TACKY! It bugs me and that hair, this “hipster” thing needs to go.

  • heartmc

    i really don’t like her sense of style. :/

  • glitterfruitx

    she needs to get a stylist loool..

  • skyaintThelimitx

    I hate to say it but the red hair doesn’t compliment her complexion. ;(

  • kattt.

    She’s such a pretty girl, I’d wish she’d get ride of those extensions and go back to the way her hair looked before rehab.

  • SunFlower

    Cool! Rihanna tweeted her! :)

  • DieMannschaft

    I’m not liking the redish hair, she looks waaaay better with brown hair imo

  • Entertainmentlove

    lol gangsta rihanna you fucking twitter trol

  • coolkat5000

    Too Pale And The Grandma Top and Glasses aren’t really helping the whole picture is like Ewww
    I Like it when she is Tan And Wearing Boho Clothes with a hat… the whole dark look is gross and I Hate Her Lipsticks

  • KBurk

    To criticize the way someone looks or what they wear is lame. I love the hair, the color, love her clothes (guess that makes me a grandma as well) she is also not letting herself go. I like her makeup as well.

  • exoticmist

    I really dislike the red, but I don’t even think it’d be that bad if she got rid of those awful extensions. I could handle the color if only she didn’t have the extensions.

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    She’s letting herself go.

  • xDemiSmiley

    Awwww Rihanna tweeted about her ;) .. she should just cut/take her extentions out and her hair would look a lot better !