Kevin Jonas Live With Kelly COHOST

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  • Didijonasmiller

    Kevin does it great! love him!

  • OhMy…

    Kevin is so awesome!!

  • xAskTaylorx

    Stalker SARAH!!!!! She has over 4,000 pics of her meeting celebs. Does this girl have a life? -No? Guess not.

  • NicholasPrincess

    No one gives a damn about Stalker Saraj OU. So supposedly she just happens to be in these places but no one accidently stumbles across celebs that often. I be so lucky as to stumble across Nick a quarter of the times she has. But I’m down for Kevin & Kelly! Too perfect of a ringing!

  • l?veislouder

    what the fuck is this crazy stalker bitch doing in NEW YORK?! I don’t care what kind of deal she has with her father, she NEEDS to go to school. school doesn’t only give you an academic education, but it teaches you social skills. maybe if this stalker had a few, she would know it’s not cool to follow celebrities all over the world, and she would get the hint that they’re not her friends. seriously, what the fuck? -_____-

  • LesleyrockLovesJonas

    Amazingggggggg :)

  • FlywithJonas

    OMG SARAH ! 0.0

  • Fashionexplosion


  • FlywithJonas

    I swear if I met someone this many times by accident it would creep da shit outa me :\

  • ann932

    he’s adorable. let’s say it out loud ADORABLE.

  • Dash

    Kevin was amazing. Anyone want to start a petition to get him to be the new cohost?