Ashley Tisdale ZAC EFRON HOUSE Call


Ashley Tisdale went to the hair salon before going to Zac Efron’s house. Earlier today Tis, who just broke up with Scott Speer, was spotted out with a new man. Maybe she is dating several new men? Photos: Fame.

  • MsArianafan

    i think that ashley can have friends who are guys without people thinking she is dating that guy. Ashley & zac are best friends they have been since high school musical. They are hanging out!

  • simpleness

    Is Zac dating anyone?
    If not,Ashley and Zac should hook up.

  • simpleness

    I turn my nightmares into wet dreams.

  • simpleness

    I’m taking a shit. Distract me.

  • amtfan

    they are both single.

  • peacelovehearts

    Those gloves… O_O <3

  • abby12345

    Zac isn’t even in America right now so I have NO idea why shew as there. O_o

  • mysticalwonders

    awww, their friendship is adorable :)

  • mirandagirl

    @abby12345 He may possibly be back in LA or SLO, he said he was only gonna be in Japan for 2 days.

  • amtfan

    lol that’s what I thought too then I realized that wouldn’t happen

  • l?veislouder

    this is sweet. not gonna lie, the first thing I thought when I heard she and Scott broke up was, ‘now she and Zac can try something!‘ but of course, after a 2-year relationship, she definitely deserves some time to herself and with friends.
    she’ll be okay, I know she will.

  • Lolly pop

    She should date Zac. they’ll be cute

  • mirandagirl

    Awww her best friend is gonna help her get over her break up.

  • sSacks12

    they dated before zanessa came along. they just best friends!! so cute

  • mirandagirl

    @sSacks12 They never dated. They’ve been best friends since 2004.

  • amtfan

    they never dated. best friends. She isn’t dating anyone. She is single and Zac is just trying to help her through this. Stop trying to cause any drama.

  • Bobst28

    Aww How Sweet is That Zac Helping Ashley Through The Break Up what a great friend.