Wizards Finale PREVIEW

  • ItsallaboutSel

    Selena’s face when they talked about Gregg and his studliness was a little weird. Hmmm…

    It definitely seems like there’s some bad blood between the three of them. Especially between Selena and David. I don’t think Selena is being a bitch though. People need to stop hating. You guys don’t even know her, so just shut up.

    @BrokenArrow I agree. The show has definitely gone downhill, but I think it started to go down after the movie came out.

  • ItsallaboutSel

    How do you know what’s scripted and what isn’t? Did you write the script? I’m guessing you didn’t because considering how horrible your grammar is, all of her answers would be one large run on sentence with minimal punctuation. Just shut up.

  • mimi

    mimi, your stupid.
    you are the one who is stupid anyone with enought brain can see she is dumb, she repeats what is scripted and then when she has to think for herself she always says she don’t know, not to mention all her videos and answerd and concert are stupid and childish and she is almost 20.

  • BrokenArrow

    This show was good at the beginning now it’s just lame.

  • Ijustneedyounow

    The show is lame.

  • Entertainmentlove

    Wait it’s not over yet?

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    selena seemed really quite and she was shaking her foot the whole time omg

  • sahina91

    i haven’t really watched WOWP since season 3 so i have no idea what’s going on in season 4.

    i doubt just one of them will win the powers. and if it is like that, then i think Max will win.

  • mimi

    I think they will all get to share power equally.

    selena always say she don’t know when they ask her to choose things she kind of a bubble head, she is kind of dumb.

    she should had dated jake isn’t him like justin age? and at least he look more like a man than justin. oh wait he not famous enought for selena to get attention.

  • MadisonRaWr

    Selena just seems like a bitch the whole time.

  • LondonFoolishly

    mimi, your stupid.

    & how does Selena sound like a bitch?