Demi Lovato was named Woman Of The Year by Celebuzz: Back during the first days of January, Demi’s year ahead was entirely up in the air, and things could have gone either way. Having just left a treatment facility for eating disorders and opening up about being bullied in her past,

Demi’s entry back into spotlight after two months away raised a lot of question marks. Could she handle the pressure Hollywood tends to put on today’s young stars? Yes. NOTE: Demi will perform at 2012 People’s Choice Awards Jan. 11, 2012 at LA’s Nokia Theatre to air @ 9-11 PM ET/PT on CBS.

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    Congrats Demi.

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    Kayyyy. She deserved this whyy? She really hasn’t done a damn thing lol. JS


    If I am not mistaking? Demi had her share of contribution she has done this year as a celebrity. Just to name a few things to you, she had to enter a treatment center and to overcome her personal, physical, mental, and emotional issues while the media and public were standing by to. As she was recovering, she released her third album and had a #1 hit empowerment song from it. She became a contributing editor and activist to Seventeen magazines to raise awareness about personal issues similar to her own to the public that mainly targets young woman and men. Oh and she is a part of a large campaign called “Love is Louder than the Pressure to Be Perfect”, which is directed towards teen girls and is a huge inspiration to her fans and other people. Again that is just to name a few things she has done this year.

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    Kayyyy. She deserved this whyy? She really hasn’t done a damn thing lol. JS.