Sarah Hyland on meeting her boyfriend Matt Prokop: ‘We just were talking and stuff, I mean, it was a three-day process so we had to know the people that were there or else the time would just be miserable and stressful. We figured out that we had a lot of mutual friends in common,

..and we were just talking and we became, back in the day [laughs], MySpace friends. [We] were friends on that because I lived in New York at the time. So we were friends first, which I always think is best.’

  • SunLight Princess

    She looks like a little girl to me..

  • simpleness

    She is so sexy.

  • skyaintThelimitx

    Awe she looks gorg!!! :D

  • BrokenArrow

    Don’t know why but i really like her.

  • Lantonia

    I don’t know who she is.