Demi, ‘I Learned To Never Judge Anyone’


  • memi trumps sel

    love her

  • lovemestealmeawayy

    i love how like she thinks shes beautiful now..and they go and photoshop the life out of her..and this is twitter profile.

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    It’s impossible to not judge someone.

  • xAskTaylorx

    Ijustneedyounow said:

    how are they supposed to defend this?


    They “defend” her at any cost, with novels galore.. They’ll come, you’ll see.

  • KellyScars

    im lovatic o.o but she is a huge hypocrite xD

  • DearTaylor

    @asktaylor that will never get old haha!

  • SunFlower

    It’s hard not to judge others before or even after getting to know them. It’s sort of a part of the human nature.

  • SunFlower


    LMAO! You’re such an instigator. I can’t even.

    Oh and btw, Demi said and learned this quote from past tense, meaning in her case she recently visited and talked to some other people in the treatment center she was at earlier this year. She most likely learned that we shouldn’t talk badly about someone before or even after really getting to know them and stuff. That was just my 2 cents on this topic. Peace.

  • Ijustneedyounow

    Dec 21, 2011 @ 02:35 pm
    DiamondsAreForever said:

    In my opinion, this magazine spread page of Demi is not that bad, but it could have been better. A lot of celebrity photo shoots now a days use photoshop, so that is not a huge surprise.
    i wouldn’t be mad if it was any other celeb with a photoshopped twitter background. but demi always praises that “curves are sexy” and “i love my body the way it is” and with mileys “i look like a woman, not like a boy and it’s sexy” or whatever shit . it’s like they’re trying to create a new ideal that they fit in. with all their comments they’re basically dissing the girls who are naturally skinny (like me) and the girls with boyish figures (like a friend of mine that is completely devestated about her figure) they’re all just a big bunch of fucked up hypocritics that try to make themselfs look like a saint by saing shit like “love your body the way at is” and than they go and bash those who’s body is just not like theirs because they’re secretly jealous (or demi wouldn’t have made herself look thinner) -.-

  • Badgirl1

    she has ugly face and this pictures are bad.who ever did this photoshoot like seriously ? and so photoshopped

  • Jeena

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  • DiamondsAreForever


    Wow! You need to get your eyes checked if you think that Demi’s face is the slightest bit of being ugly. -_-

  • DiamondsAreForever

    In my opinion, this magazine spread page of Demi is not that bad, but it could have been better. A lot of celebrity photo shoots now a days use photoshop, so that is not a huge surprise.

  • fangirlssuckxx

    Its human nature to judge, but the best thing to do is to try your best not to

  • Trainups

    This photo is not THAT photoshopped. Demi has always had a tiny waist. They still kept her bigger thighs in the Glamour pics though. Truthfully they only whittled down her arms and her waist a “little”. Most photoshopped that is done in magazines you can’t even recognize the person. They look too perfect.
    Yes it is human nature to judge people. It’s almost automatic. The trick is to not think you are BETTER or more perfect than they are. We all have our own weirdness and our problems/issues.

  • FreedomIsntFree

    I always try not to judge others, but all I can do is that I don’t say it out loud, and I try to avoid hurting their feelings, nonetheless I still have prejudices and I hate myself for this :/

  • DiamondsAreForever

    I agree with Trainups comment about Demi’s magazine spread page.


    Demi does not have this photo as her default twitter picture anymore. So, some of you guys can dropped that comment. Again a lot of celebrities use photoshop in their photo shoot pictures now days. Plus, Demi always had a tiny waist line and in this photo they are showing it off more, which can make her look more thinner than she really is. However, I wish she would show it off more and change from her odd current clothing style back to her glam-rock look that she use to have. I don’t think Demi or Miley were trying to intentionally put down girls or women who’s body types are naturally skinny or shaped like a boy, ECT. They were getting a lot of hate and hurtful comments from other people about their bodies and basically telling the females out there to love their curvy body’s and not to let other people hurt them and took love yourself no matter what your body type maybe.

  • Sparks
  • xAskTaylorx

    “I learned to never judge anyone.” Okay. That’s so true! *sarcastic. Nobodys perfect, your bound to do it sometime.

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    This picture shows that you can do ANYTHING with photoshop.


  • kattt.

    Easier said than done.
    It’s human nature to judge.

  • kattt.

    Also, Glamour is getting a lot of shit from people and professionals because everyone is saying they photoshopped Demi’s waist in this picture.

  • JonaticSwifty

    I love Demi… But she looks like a WHORE in this pic.

  • Ijustneedyounow
    look at this and you can see how much they photoshopped the picture up there. look how thin they made her waist and arms look. so fake!
    and now don’t tell me “the magazin did that and demi didn’t know of it” or any crap like that because she had it as her twitter picture a while ago (the photoshopped version). it pisses me off that she acts like a saint but she’s just a huge hypocrite -.-

  • xAskTaylorx

    Where are the “defensive” lovatics now?

  • Ijustneedyounow

    Dec 21, 2011 @ 10:59 am
    xAskTaylorx said:

    Where are the “defensive” lovatics now?
    how are they supposed to defend this?

  • DieMannschaft

    This picture shows that you can do ANYTHING with photoshop.