Credit: @LovinTheDrew & @Official_Alexa.

  • nicholasjonasheart

    def <3

  • elizagutierrez

    He is sooo IRRELEVAN!! He looks sick btw!

  • XGhostShadowX

    Actually Justin Timberlake had them before Joe as did many many others before JT. The Bieber line Im guessing was just to get people to check out the article. Nobody looks good in the nerd glasses, but Bieber looks horrible in them especially when he has the gay purple ones on. Please let these horrible trends end.

    JoeJisMine said:
    BIEBER GLASSES?! REALLY?! Joe wore it before BIEBER!

  • sSacks12

    mmm he looks good!!

  • xhaleylynn

    If we’re getting technical. Buddy Holly had them first….. and the JT, Nick Jonas wore them, then Joe did, and THEN Bieber…. so…….

    I missed these glasses though, I think he looks really good in them! (;

  • mileyliampayne

    why oceanUP said bieber glasses?he is not the one who wore first.joe & JT first

  • Miley_Jonas

    Bieber? No. Joe and many other people wore these wayyyy before Bieber’s stupidass.

  • xAskTaylorx

    He looks handsome without the glasses thank you very much! Lol.
    He saw wicked? Omg, that’s my favorite play of all time!!! Heehee.
    What is he holding on his right hand? Beer I suppose? 0___o ^___^ XD

  • RiannaBlok

    those are Nick Glasses…

    that has nothing to do with Bieber.

  • justlaugh

    I love Nick, but those glasses make him look stupid.

  • Hollywood Tragic
  • TEXT%
  • nope nope nope buddy holly and elvis costello was first…but he does it to look like elvis costello.
    not biebs
    or jt
    or joe.

  • Ijustneedyounow

    lol at the tweet of the fan :D she acts like they’re friends :D

  • Me-Me

    i’m sorry but these aren’t bieber glasses … Nick wore them first … Plus, the glasses look like they’re too big for Bieber.. But Nick looks reallyyyyyy good :)

  • JoeHoe15

    Wow. He kinda looked like Joseph. :D

  • BrokenArrow

    oh, i didn’t know they were bieber’s glasses. smh

  • ChazTheSpaz

    ‘bieber glasses’ really? ive had nerd glasses since i was 12 LOL.

  • .foreveralone.

    What if, Nick Jonas got a tattoo of xxx on his neck? <3

  • skyaintThelimitx

    He’s looking good :)

  • simpleness

    What if, Nick Jonas got a tattoo of xxx on his neck? <3
    Sex or just triple x?

  • JoeJisMine

    BIEBER GLASSES?! REALLY?! Joe wore it before BIEBER!

  • jt

    <3 beautiful man :)

  • simpleness


  • simpleness

    Nick looka good,well, from the neck down(jk).

  • Lantonia

    Bieber glasses? :/